Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Manatee Springs

Dear Briggz, 
            Our next Florida stop was Manatee Springs. 
The Spring

We had high hopes of seeing manatee swimming in the water warmed by a deep underground spring but the government shutdown is still causing problems for us. By closing National parks we lost around 3 weeks and arrived to early to the springs for the manatee to be there. 

The only Manatee we saw

While we did not see any real manatee, we did see snakes, deer, armadillos, and BIG banana spiders. The spiders freaked dad out. They were bigger then his hand! 
A real armadillo who came to our site each night
The banana spider

While there we did some school work and made a big decision to head back north sooner than we had originally planed.

Be good and see you soon

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