Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Dear Briggz,
            Our next stop was Lake Kissimmee. We chose this park because it was not far from our next BIG stop DISNEY!  This park was huge it had lots of water, hiking trails and campsites. While the park had many signs warning about alligator’s we never saw any in the park. 

Maybe they were all low in the water eating all the fish because despite trying many times we caught no fish.   

Along this trip we have seen many animals and as I wrote in the last post we have seen deer already in Florida. The deer at this park are so very use to people they almost walk right up to you.  One morning Dad was sure he heard one nuzzling the tent end right by mom’s head. 

We rested up here and planed our trip to Disney. It’s hard to believe that after Disney we will be on our way back to see you!

Love you

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