Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A little late....

While this post is very late it’s worth recapping our adventures in Disney. We stayed at Fort Wilderness campground and it was great but I will share more on that soon. Our first full day was spent at Disney Hollywood Studios.
We took advantage of the extra morning hours and joined the hundreds of other people in line at the gates a half hour before that park even opened. Why you may ask would we do that, well C wanted more then anything to do the “Jedi Training” inside the park. Mom had read that the slots fill up fast and unless you go first thing you will not get a spot. So with mom in the lead the gates opened and we made a beeline straight to the Jedi sign up. All three boys were given a spot to get training, what a relief. Now we all know J is to old for this and was less then happy to do it but took one for the team in case C needed a little support. (What a good brother)
The boys waiting for the Jedi's

J battling the dark side

A's turn

C wanted to really fight him but had to do as the lead Jedi told him to

The park itself was not busy and we more or less just walked onto rides throughout the day. The big hit was start tours witch we did 4 times. The big boys loved going on Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror while C and mom took in 2 shows, Beauty and the Beast (it was really for mom) and Disney Jr. live on stage. And we saw some Disney stars.
The boys and stich

Jake from Neverland Pirates

Disney is always a magical place but Christmas time is even more magical. Since mom was little she always wanted to see the parks all lit up with holiday cheer. The back lot of Disney Studios has a wonderful light display that turns the whole back lot into the best lit city block in the world. Every thing was covered in lights from the buildings, light post, bikes, basketball hoops and even a tire swing brightly lit.  Snow fell on the people below as Christmas music played and mom may have teared up just a bit. It was a great way to end our first day in Disney.

So many lights

 Be a good boy Briggz

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