Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Many family’s would have chosen to go to Animal kingdom over Epcot feeling as though Epcot is not geared toward kids as much as other parks. We feel differently, the boys have always liked Epcot and learn so much when they are there.   
One thing they were all excited for was Agent Perry’s Adventure. The boys got to choose a country in witch to help Perry stop Dr. Doofensmertz from taking over the Tri-State area. The boys chose England in honor of our friend “The Mister Hampson”.  They received a cell phone and followed the instructions around completing different tasks, and had a great time doing it 
Getting the first message

Sitting by Marry Poppins getting another message

  After, we explored the different countries stopping by a kids booth at each one where C and A received a stamp and saw how their names are spelled in different languages.  While in France C was looking strangely at the people working there when I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was looking for Cadeau, a former Groton School French teacher who has since moved back to France. Apparently Disney does such a good job that C really thought he was traveling the world and was in France.  Again a great day.

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  1. We miss the Cheeks
    Snowing as I type this!

    Jan and Bill M