Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Magic Kingdom

The next day still had an early start but not as early as the day before. We had no big agenda but wanted more to enjoy the day. We started in the new Fantasyland and made a stop at Gaston’s Tavern.  

 Upon leaving the tavern we all heard a loud boom and turned to see a women who had slipped was bleeding badly from her face. As you would suspect Dad went straight to work to help her while mom and the boys took her 2 kids to a nearby table so they would not have to watch. The women ended up having her front teeth go through her bottom lip and then break and also had a large cut on her chin. After the medic came for the women the dad walked over to check on his kids and ended up passing out near mom. Dad came over to help him as well. When we all felt as though the family was taken care of we set out on our way, it was a crazy start to the day.  We rode all the rides in Fantasyland that day including It’s A Small World and The Little Mermaids new ride.
We spent time in all the worlds of the Magic Kingdom and rode most of the rides.
 C even did Mission Space 2 times and Space Mountain once. After Space Mountain C was upset. Thinking that the ride was too much for him, mom and dad felt bad for taking him on it. After talking to him a bit more it turns out he was upset that he had lost his Cheetos bag on the ride.  We ended the night seeing the castle all lit up for Christmas and headed back to the campground by boat. Little did we know it was the best place to see the nightly firework show and we were able to enjoy it from an almost empty boat.

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